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One of the first things people look at is someone's smile. A quick way to make your smile better is teeth whitening. There are various options to whiten your teeth. At thrive we offer complimentary take home whitening which is probably all most people need. If you want a faster result many patients opt for the in-office Zoom whitening. Let's review some of your teeth whitening options in Allen, TX. 

Teeth Whitening

Zoom whitening is the gold standard of teeth whitening in Allen, TX. Within one hour your teeth will be dramatically whiter.
In-office whitening is great for those patients who want that beautiful white smile without waiting weeks for at home whitening to take effect. 

At Thrive Dental and Orthodontics we offer a few ways to whiten your teeth. Here are some of your options to get that white smile you have always dreamed of:

In-Office: For the fastest and hassle-free results, we often recommend in-office treatment. During your appointment, our team will apply a powerful whitening gel to your teeth and use a UV-light to activate it. The solution we prefer the most is called Zoom Whitening. This allows the gel to break apart pesky surface stains and reveal a beautiful and bright grin underneath. We will apply, remove, and re-apply the gel for as many times as necessary until your desired shade of whiteness is reached.

Take-Home: Our patients who have busy schedules and would rather complete the process within the comfort of their own homes can benefit from our take-home professional whitening!  Unlike store-bought products, this contains highly concentrated, professional-grade whitening gel that provides the most noticeable results within two weeks. All you have to do is use the kit as directed for the great results!



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