How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

August 5th, 2020


Doesn't everyone want a fantastic smile? I once read that a beautiful smile can be directly correlated to how successful you will be in your personal and professional life. I'm not sure how scientifically accurate that is but having a healthy, white radiant smile definitely can't hurt. I want everyone to have the ability to get those pearly white with Invisalign. That's why in Allen, TX, we make sure everyone can get the clear aligners. Below I'll talk about my thoughts on Invisalign’s and if it's better than clear braces.



Invisalign likely wouldn't be around this long if it were not a great product. It offers a great alternative to clear or metal braces. That is why we tend to use it so much at our Allen, TX location. Adult patients love being able to move their teeth without the embarrassment of having metal or clear braces. 


Invisalign works by a set of clear aligners that you change every week. You do not need to come in every week, but you must change the trays every week. I often give 10-14 Invisalign trays each time I see a patient depending on their treatment.

Each tray slightly modifies your teeth so that eventually, your teeth become straight. It's very near to see the set of trays and see the transition of the teeth. Patients love checking out their trays and looking to the last tray to see how their teeth will look. Seeing the result is one of the coolest parts of Invisalign.

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Invisalign is a product that has been around for a long time. It started off overly 20 years ago by Zia Chishti. Zia came up with the idea that these clear Invisalign aligners could slowly straighten your teeth. I'm not sure if Zia could have ever imagined Invisalign would become the behemoth of a company that it is today.

Invisalign has a ton of financial backing from various groups that make it a mighty company. They spend tens of millions a year on marketing, which is an outstanding amount considering most dental offices can only spend a few thousand.

Invisalign grew from a few thousand patients to roughly 80 000 in 2002 to likely millions now. This popularity has drawn a lot of competition. There is a Texas-based company called Clear Correct that has been making a strong push but it seems that very few companies have the marketing budget that Invisalign has.

Invisalign's latest dispute was with its once partner but now rival Smile Direct Club. Smile Direct Club is a direct to consumer product that has been under intense scrutiny and fraught by litigation.


I love this question because I think Invisalign is a great product, but I still believe traditional metal or clear braces are better. That being said, if you want to move your teeth without braces and want to have the responsibility of wearing your trays properly, Invisalign can be a great alternative to braces.

Invisalign is always more expensive than braces because their lab cost is so high. Like any product or service, if the price to fabricate is high, that means that cost is likely transferred to the consumer. I think Invisalign can still give you a fantastic result and Dr. Christine even let me use Invisalign on her to get her that fantastic smile. If you want to see the results of Invisalign, just look at her beautiful smile.


Invisalign has a long history of treating patients and getting a great result. You must be responsible and change the trays every week and wear them diligently. Invisalign is definitely not for everyone, but it's a great alternative to braces. I trust it so much that I used it on my wife, and she got fantastic results.

If you want to learn a little more, check out my video below and as always, if you want me to answer anything specific, please email me at and just type questions for Dr. Nathan in the title. Also, if you are in the Allen, TX area, come in and check us out.


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